A robot to take care of you

A description from Rathenau Institute: ""Robots which care for you, robots which fight for you. Until now, robots have been machines which do the work that we humans find too tedious, too strenuous or too dangerous .They are usually found on the factory floor, assembling, welding and painting components with a speed and accuracy that far exceeds human capabilities. The new generation of robots is breaking free of the production line and taking up 'employment' in all areas of our lives. They will care for the elderly, serve in restaurants or guard a building.

The arrival of the 'social' (or 'service') robot raises a number of issues and concerns. Do we really want a robot at our hospital bedside rather than a real flesh-and-blood nurse?""

Composing with just a piano may seem simple but it tricky to not distract from the story and stay interesting. I tried to make an ""open"" sound, that sets your imagination free to contemplate the dillemma's pictured in this video.

Animation: Steven van Eekelen (Animono)
Script: Gaston Dorren