Described by Bierens themselves: "To fully complete the "new look" of Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers, it is our pleasure to introduce our "Justice Comic" company video. A video in which we, with a healthy dose of self-mockery and a knowing wink, want to creatively zoom in on justice for the creditor and the desire to win."

It was my job to create the epicness that could accommodate the comic style. Finding and briefing the voice actor, and processing it to sound like a trailer voice was awesome to do. But even more excitement came from composing the music that had to go from suspense and a bit scary, to a victorious and heroic end. Since it is a company film and takes longer than the average trailer, it was challenging to not let the music distract from the voiceover and at the same time keep it interesting for the full length of the video.

Animation: Funk-e Animations
Script: Funk-e Animations